Objective Consulting is led by CEO Pat Phillip-Fairn
CEO Pat Phillip-Fairn

Objective Consulting is led by CEO Pat Phillip-Fairn. Pat draws upon 30 years of experience from roles in strategic planning, communications, advocacy and economic development programmes. Her extensive, results-focused experience in public and private sector organizations drives each Objective Consulting project. Pat has applied proven leadership and project management skills in various industry sectors to produce tangible results, both within organizations and for clients as a consultant. Using the benefits of technology and innovative work practices, she also brings together customized project teams of creative, tech savvy producers specific to the needs of each assignment. 

Pat most recently served as Chief Product & Experiences Development Officer at the Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA). She joined the BTA after serving as a Deputy Director and head of Corporate Governance and Communications at the Bermuda Monetary Authority. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a practitioner of ICF coaching principles. Her leadership roles have covered major aspects of Bermuda’s economy, from tourism to international business and financial regulation, including as a former CEO of the Bermuda International Business Association. 

Our Brand Fundamentals 

Process – ensure every assignment’s objective is clearly defined and understood – both by ourselves and our clients – to produce the right outcomes

Mindset – approach each assignment objectively with a 360 degree perspective and without bias, to provide insightful input and workable solutions

Results – deliver on our own core objective: to generate effective, relevant results that our clients value highly